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The Biological Terrain Test:


Specifically tests the state of health in terms of an individual's internal environment bio terrain.

Samples of urine, blood and saliva were used.

This test takes an individual's chronological age into account and then based on the analysis, evaluating all scores, projects a biological age.


Prior to the Platinum Detox and Energise session, the male was estimated to be 79 years old.


After the session he was re-tested and his biological age was then estimated at 77 years old.


The test also proved that he had downloaded acids into the foot spa, thus changing his pH values significantly.


The Vega machine proved that he had downloaded mercury and lead.

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Detox & Energise

Blood Test Analysis


Tests carried out by:

Proactive Health

Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic (Canada). These tests were carried out on a 54 year old male who was feeling ill and very stressed at the time of testing.