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Test analysis results

After the initial test the client had a 30 minute Platinum Detox & Energise Session.


It proved to be very effective, particularly in relation to the weakness in the throat/thyroid

area (see GDV Aura print out, before & after foot spa session). The whole body looked more balanced after the session.


The only side effect of the detox and energising session was an increase in anxiety level (from 2.5 to 4.5). This could be interpreted as an increase in metabolic rate, linked to the energising effect of the session.

MRI Scan Blood Test Analysis Water Test Analysis GDV Scan

Detox & Energise

GDV Scan

Test carried out at Penninghame Educational Health Clinic. London.

Elena O'Keeffe BSc, MBA GDV consultant and stress analyst.


The GDV stress assessment shows that the client has a very low level of anxiety (on a scale between 1 to 10 his score was 2.5). However, his health is affected by life style, the nature of his work and a former minor injury. The physiological aspect of the GDV test shows that the client has possible throat/thyroid problem.

Aura after Aura before

Fragmented particles near his back indicate imbalance in sacral area, which is the result of injury 10 months earlier.

Aura Before

Aura After