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Our Research into Detox Foot Spa's

Oxton Partnership Limited is a clinic specialising in Bio-Energetic Medicine.

We have used Detox Foot Spa's since early 2003 and have made a large commitment to this type of equipment.  


We have tested a wide variety of the models currently available on the market including Bio-Detox, Aqua Detox, Bio-Energiser, Total Style, Platinum Detox(TM), The Detox Box, PediTox, Baby D home unit, and a wide variety of Ionic Detox foot spas.


The criteria used were:

  1.     Build quality

2. Array quality

3. Reliability

4. Customer feedback

5. Customer service from the above companies

6. Research and development information

7. Ease of use

8. Value for money


We have found Detox Foot Spa Treatments to be extremely beneficial to clients and currently distribute a variety of Quality units to cater for all needs - whether it be for home or commercial use.

Contact us to discuss your individual requiements


The array is one of the most important element of the detox unit. It is the part that assists in the withdrawal of toxins from the feet. The better the quality, the better the treatment.


Part of the colour change in the water during a treatment is due to the natural erosion of the array.  Like a pencil, it would not work if it did not erode to some extent.  Therefore, for this reason it is impossible to visually diagnose the toxins that are left in the water after a treatment.