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Salon trials show that the majority of clients feel a vast improvement in general well-being.


Gill Stewart -  a Salon owner

Two of my ladies, both elderly have a definite spring in their step after use of the system.  Gill also states that she uses the system herself on a regular basis as it gives her a general feeling of well-being.


Angela White - a client

Since using the system periodically I feel more energised.  I have been told by my family and friends how well I look.


Grainee Brooks - a client

After discovering the benefits of the Platinum Detox system for myself, I brought my 83-year-old Aunt to try the system.  I cannot speak more highly of this system and would endorse and encourage anyone to try it for themselves.


Debra Mason - a client

After trying the system on a regular basis I have personally seen a vast improvement in my general energy levels.  My general well-being has also improved dramatically.


Stockist Comment

I have been a stockist for approximately one year and over that period have had a lot of positive feedback from my customers about how rejuvenated they feel after a treatment and how they have found an improvement in not only there energy levels, but also there general well being.  I would encourage anyone to try the product and see the benefits for themselves.


Client - V.S. from Chelyabinsk in Russia

After the first session I have felt new sensation of vivacity.


Jackie Habgood

"I've been fighting chronic fatigue, candida, low blood sugar and multiple food intolerance for many years.  After 7 detox treatments I decided to buy my own machine and use it in my holistic practice.  Now I have a treatment once a week, making eleven treatments so far.  I went over the top at my birthday party and had 2 slices of bread with no ill effect - first time in many years.  I would encourage anyone to try the treatment.

Jackie Habgood  RGN  MICHT  Author of 'The Hay Diet Made Easy' and 'Get Well With the Hay Diet'. "


J.J. - private owner

"A friends mother has been very ill indeed and had got to the point where she found walking incredibly hard, we de-toxed her every day for three days and on the third could walk with an amazing speed (for her) and without getting too tired.  I couldn't believe it and was very pleased with the results, which helped this woman. (I am now sounding religious). The water was black sluggy and very thick."


S.S. - Detox Therapist

"I can personally say that I suffered with horrendous migraines regularly and headaches daily for 20 years.  I have not had a single headache since my second treatment 6 months ago.  This is what inspired me to become a Detox Therapist."


Client - Female 81 years old

I slept like a baby for the first time in years after my very 1st treatment.


Client - Female 58 years old

I was very stressed, but after my 1st treatment I felt amazingly happy and full of energy.


Client - Female 42 years old

The day after my 1st treatment I felt unwell and headachy., but I was warned that this MIGHT happen.  However the following day I could have run a marathon!


Client - Female 39 years old

My feet tingled during the treatment and my legs felt heavy afterwards, but the next day they felt incredibily light and I found myself tackling jobs I had put off for ages.


Client - Male 29 years old

I couldn't believe what came out of my feet! Fat and all sorts of grit deposits! The next day I felt amazing and my bones no longer ached.


Client - Male 32 years old

I was absolutely astounded at the energy I had the next day. I got out of bed

3/4 hr earlier than usual - BEFORE the alarm!, and made breakfast for everyone else.  I normally don't have time for breakfast.


Client - Female 76 years old

I really felt quite unwell for the first day, and thought I would not have anymore treatments, but over the next few days, I felt like a spring chicken and quickly booked further treatments!


Client - Female 69 years old

I arthritis in both thumbs and had great difficulty holding a pen, but after just 2 treatments I could write a letter!


Client - Female 40 years old

I had no P.M.T. for the 1st time ever.  My family was delighted!!



Please note that the products we sell have not acquired medical approval as yet and therefore cannot claim to be a cure for any ailment.  If you are suffering from any medical condition, you should seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two years ago. I have seen my life and social life slowly grind to a halt. I heard about the platinum detox system and was keen to try it. After my very first detox session I noticed improvements in my energy levels, walking and mobility, basically everything. Over the initial six week course I saw a total turnaround in my life.


From getting a little bit worse every day to now getting a little bit better every day.


I continue to detox twice a week and my life's improved greatly, I now feel I have a future where before I was expecting at best to be in a wheelchair and to have people constantly looking after me. I feel I have full independence. I would recommend it to others, so hopefully it could improve their lives.

Joe Rodgers

Joe Rodgers

Testimonial 2 Testimonial 3

I am a therapist and have been using the Platinum Detox System for six years now. Although I work from home, I'm also mobile and travel to many clients' homes offering detox sessions. I have detoxed people as young as 16 years old to the elderly, many of them have illnesses. I have found it to be beneficial to all, whether ill or not.

Mandy Jameson

I've suffered with Psoriasis for 22 years. I have been attending hospital every six months for a check up and to be given fresh medication. I was covered with Psoriasis from my head to my feet, it was so bad the only way I could get to sleep was to lie in a bath of water each night. Every morning I would apply the creams and take painkillers.


I was introduced to platinum detoxing and from the outset I noticed changes. I sleep like a log now and don't take painkillers or apply creams, I've also been discharged from the hospital, they could not believe the improvement, I told them it was the platinum detox.

I would recommend it to everyone, its worked wonders for me.

William Copeland

Testimonial 4

I have 10 years experience of working with Platinum Detox products as a salon owner.


Over the years I have personally detoxed lots of individuals, and have seen first hand the benefits experienced by them. Many clients who suffer from illnesses have seen inprovements in their symptoms after using the Platinum Detox System.


Perfectly fit and healthy people also use the Platinum Detox to gain that extra boost that gets them through the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Irene Hawthorne