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The detox & re-energise session

The 30 minute session

Please read contra-indications before first detox.



Before feet are placed into the Platinum Detox foot spa, the foot bowl is protected with a clear plastic disposable liner. A small amount of salt is then added to the warm water, which creates a saline solution. The array is connected to the foot bowl and then placed into the solution.

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At this point you should be comfortably seated with your feet in the solution, before turning on the foot spa. Once turned on, the array's red light will flash 20 times indicating how many sessions remain in its memory (the next time it will indicate 19 and then 18 and so on). This unique feature helps to record sessions used, so you know when to re-order your next array. The light will then turn a constant red (the 30 minute session has started).


Don't be alarmed if the clear water changes colour, this is quite normal. In some instances it may change to yellow or brown, red, green or even black. The colour can change from person to person and session to session. There are two reasons for this, firstly the ionisation process in the saline solution reacts with any chemicals that are present in the water supply, this can happen without feet being present, and secondly discolouration also occurs due to the toxic download from the sweat glands on the sole of each foot.

Remember the detox element of the session is only half the process. The bio-energetic resonance is equally important.


After 30 minutes the array light will flash continuously, indicating the automatic end of the session.


Initially 6 to 8 sessions are recommended, either once a week or for best results twice a week, no more than once every three days.


Detox Sessions are an ongoing process that can compliment your wellness program.




15 minutes

At the end of the

30 minute session