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Nutritional absorption is good.






Toxic discharge is good.

A strained or injured cell can measure as little as 10 - 20 millivolts.





Nutritional absorption is poor. Toxic discharge is poor.

Understanding the Theory

The Platinum Detox System uses an ionic detox process.

The key to this is in the unique, fully automated, high-tech array.

The array energizes

the saline solution by producing

positive ions

from the anode and

negative ions from the cathode.

Place array in foot spa.

Add water and salt to

make a saline solution.

Then place feet in spa.

platinum_detox 1 platinum_detox 2 platinum_detox 3 platinum_detox 4 platinum_detox 5 platinum_detox 6 platinum_detox 7

Positive and negatively charged toxins, inside sweat from the 2000 eccrine glands on the sole of each foot, are attracted to the charged solution.

The array also transmits a bio-energetic resonance that passes through the water and is then conducted into the body.

This bio-energy is distributed to your cells. The cells within the body are like miniature batteries, they require an electrical charge on the cell wall to allow the nutrients into the cell and to allow toxins out.

A detox and re-energising session lasts

30 minutes. All the blood in the average

adult, flows through the feet approximitly

every 24 minutes.

A well balanced cell can rejuvenate and

repair itself.

The 30 minute session allows you to safely tap into this source of energy, so that you can experience this amazing phenomenon in the comfort of your local spa, or even your own home.

First you must understand the 3 principles

The electrolysis process starts.

Ions flood into the foot spa, charging the solution.

1. The Release

2. Re-energise

3. Refresh