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Why Platinum Detox products are the best

Platinum Detox Systems are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Only the highest quality components are used.


The only Array in the world to have an on-board Micro-Processor.

Ensuring a superior quality detox, it is this that has set Platinum Detox apart from other manufacturers.


The Array has an automatic session countdown indicator.

This unique feature, indicates the number of remaining sessions so that you can schedule your clients accurately.


Platinum Detox machines do not need monitoring after they have been turned on.

Other systems can require constant monitoring, using staff inefficiently.


A guarantee of 20 consistent, uninterupted, maximum strength sessions.

No other manufacturer guarantees the life or the strength of the array.

They tend to use low quality thin coils that degrade quickly. Each time their array is used, it will give a weaker and weaker detox, until eventually the coils will break. The broken coils can cause injury.


Platinum Detox Systems come with a five year limited guarantee.

Most other manufacturers offer only one year.


Safety first. The Platinum Detox sytems use made for purpose low voltage transformers.

Some competitors use mobile phone or laptop chargers. In our opinion they

are not fit for purpose, and could even be classed as dangerous.


Platinum Detox Arrays have onboard Ultra Footsafe Technology.

No other manufacturers have this ultimate safety feature.


Durable construction designed to withstand the everyday use by therapists and spas

Platinum Detox products meet and exceed all relevant international test standards.

What is

Ultra Footsafe Technology?


The Array has its own independent safety protection system, designed to keep you safe no matter what.












This extra level of safety means we don't just meet the relevent international test standards,

but we exceed them.


No other manufacturer has this technology.

Exclusive and original Platinum Detox features:

In tests Platinum Detox Arrays out perform other arrays in the market.