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Why we need to detox?

The Last 100 Years

Technology and society have evolved much faster than our bodies can adapt. Scientist say we are exposed to over 50,000 toxins daily. Our bodies are bombarded by natural and synthetic chemicals. The chemical industry has over 500,000 different chemicals they use, and in addition to those they invent approximately 5,000 new chemical substances each year.


Natural Chemicals

Natural chemicals are by-products of a normal functioning body. If they are not neutralised, they can have a toxic effect and cause health problems.


Synthetic Chemicals

Synthetic chemicals are sources such as:


                                                             Food Additives

                                                             Prescription Drugs

                                                             Alcohol & Tobacco

                                                             Heavy Metals such as Mercury, etc.


Our body's elimination and detoxification systems, liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic systems are working overtime just trying to contain the sheer volume of chemicals on a daily basis. When they can't keep up, the excess toxins are stored in fatty tissue, muscles and joints. Add to this the presure and stresses of modern living and you have created a cocktail of toxic overload.

Why Platinum Detox?




To allow the body to rebalance itself



Energy levels


pH Balance


Metabolism Refresh:

Overall health

Reduce toxins

Improve sleep

Reduce stress

Less aches and pains

We absorb toxins from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink and bathe in.

Try the alternative way to detox

 Release Re-energise Refresh

Platinum Pro-Health Active

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